MFU Timeline of Events

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----------------------------------------------------- [2256] -----------------------------------------------------

[Stardate Pending] The USS Augusta launches from space dock her first mission is to head the Federation and Klingon Border. The Augusta has been ordered to raid an abandon Klingon colony on a planet called Klah'Be'Tor.

----------------------------------------------------- [2385-2394] -----------------------------------------------------

USS Ottawa Flashback

----------------------------------------------------- [2394] -----------------------------------------------------

March 25, 2394 The USS Ottawa departs earth space dock and sets course for a planet called Cestus III. There first mission is to rescue Colonel John Sheppard. The Ottawa learns that Colonel John Sheppard is kidnapped by pirates, and taken to the planet, so a renegade Gorn Commander can seek revenge on John. A few years back John had to kill his son in the line of duty.

March 26, 2394, Lieutenant Colonel Ellie Sheppard, lead the rescue mission to free her brother, at the end of the mission Ellie and Jazin agreed to stay in Starfleet, and Captain Domingo Martinez gave command of the USS Ottawa to Ellie, but not before preforming one last act as the USS Ottawa's commanding officer. He preformed the wedding ceremony of Ellie and Jazin.

----------------------------------------------------- [Comedy Spoof of 2394] ----------------------------------------------------

06/01/2394, There was a comedy spoof story told, of the shirtless xo on the USS Juno. The USS Juno was having some environmental and moral concerns. Captain Anderson orders Commander Bers to take off his shirt, for the sake of crew moral. Commander Bers agrees, when T'San reminds everyone its against starfleet regulation dress code. Captain Anderson ignores her warning. T'San does not relent. So Captain Anderson accuses T'San of making all the girls on the Juno weep, since Bervag had to put back on his shirt. T'San accuses Harry of being shallow, and he patronizes her and sarcastically mocks her. With a warm and sincere smile on his face.

Science officer goddess and super hottie Kimoni walks onto the bridge, and asks what has been going on? Harry explains that he re routed environmental controls around the first officer, and T'San was killing the moral. Bar Manager Nidria complains how hot it is on the Juno. So being the good captain that Harry is, he orders Gabriel Sharp to beam over to the USS Juno and fix the environmental controls. It was great timing that the USS Ottawa and USS Juno were in the same area.

Fun sucker and destroyer of moral T'San asks why the Juno's Chief Engineer can not handle the resetting of environmental controls. Bervag continues to have his hair flow in the wind that is around him, making the ladies gravel. Harry reminds T'San the moral crusher, that Gabe is the best and get the environmental controls back in order.

Second Officer Jazin of the USS Ottawa wants to know what is going on? Why Gabe is being asked to assist the USS Juno. So Harry explains to him. Gabe can not believe the Juno's Chief Engineer really needs to be trained on how to fix the environmental controls. Colonel Ellie asks Captain Harry who do you want next her doctor or her pilots? Harry offers to exchange medical officers.

Dan tried to say he would go if T'San did, but Harry convinced him to think of it as a guys night out. Harry asks Gabe to fix environmental controls soon before T'San started having cows, and T'San told him she is having cats, which freaks Harry out. Vulcans can give birth to cats is strange!

Gabe fixes the environmental controls, everyone but T'San is happy. The END! The full story can be found here!

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