Welcome to MysticFans Universe

Welcome to the MysticFans Universe. We currently have 6 sims in our collective universe, with two new races to explore within that universe. We are collective writing group. Our command base is New Haven. Make sure to check out our timeline. This group is under the command of Colonel Ellis Ijaan a military commander of the expedition.

Command Structure

Starbase New Haven USS Shanghai USS Ottawa USS Saigon
Captain Bervag Bers. Commander Xalanth Colonel Ellie Ijaan Captain Daniella Maria Le Williams

Political Powers

The Crescent of Sephira: The True Way Alliance: Dragonian Government
Empress Amila De Founder Laas Senator Yldryn

Task Force Mystic Knights

History Structure Task Force Vessels
Sector Command Other

General Sim Information

Character Reference Character Reference Ships, Shuttles, Planets and Bases
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