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Lieutenant Commander Jason Bourne

Name Jason Bourne

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Renao
Age 61

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Large well built for a middle aged Renao. He has been through a lot with many prominent scars around the body telling a story of his vast career. Has a small occasional limp


Sister(s) Rosie Bourne
Other Family

Personality & Traits

General Overview He does his job to the best of his abilities and has always been a keen learner having been fluent in 23 languages and has a vast knowledge of a lot of things. Can sometimes get out of hand and go nuts but that is his career that has left him the way he has become, He has broken almost every bone in his body
Strengths & Weaknesses S – Fiercely loyal person who takes pride in being loyal to his job and completing the task set
S – Quite good at memorizing facts and items
W – Can sometimes have an outburst he has no idea he is doing such as yelling at a person or doing something dangerous or stupid
W – Can sometimes do stupid things ignoring the command given and doing his own thing to achieve the goals set
W – Quite a treasure hunter can sometimes lead to not giving things back or letting people have them
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Jason was born on Lembatta Prime where he led a frustrating life always getting into trouble always getting caught and let go time and time again he would try and either hack in or break in to secure facilities just to learn about them or learn new things. He was eventually banished from the planet after the authorities had enough of Bourne and his troublesome ways and was cast out into space to fend for himself and go his own way. Jason was picked up by the USS Manchester and was a passenger aboard the ship till it docked at earth and he was dropped off to go his own way and explore earths delights.

He got into serious trouble one day with the authorities trying to break into a highly top secret Starfleet facility and spend a few nights in jail before going in front of a judge who gave him the option life in prison or join Starfleet so he took the later option and signed up for the intelligence course. He spent four years at the academy graduating top of his class with a score of 99% the highest ever in Starfleet history for this course.

Someone was shadowing Bourne's every move and stalking him during the day someone was watching his every move 24/7 every single day. Jason had not been assigned a posting yet as his past was at question for Starfleet to join a suitable posting. He was kidnapped one day and blindfolded and thrown into a shuttle craft not knowing where he was going or what lay ahead. Between 2336-2346 REDACTED

Jason was posted to his first ship after a stint of classified postings and ended up as the intelligence officer aboard the Alberta doing 5 years on there serving under Captain Mike Brewster for an enjoyable time aboard doing lots of fun missions and meeting some nice people he enjoyed working with. Bourne was given unspecified transfer orders and was dropped off as Starbase 19 route to the Alberta's mission starting point.

Jason was transferred to another intelligence officer posting REDACTED. He enjoyed ever moment of the posting getting to grips with the parameters of the job he was assigned to do to the highest standards this lasted till 2371 being transferred around various REDACTED postings and was a lieutenant jg by now. He was REDACTED between 2371 to 2376 on REDACTED assignments and was loving every moment of it the nightmares and flashbacks continued to haunt him during the day and whilst he slept trying so hard to ignore them. The between 2376 to 2381 he was now a lieutenant and was still loving every moment of it REDACTED.

He was assigned to another ship posting as there Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer aboard the Edmonton commander by an commander John Holland a fine young lad with a bright future ahead. Bourne loved being back on a ship it was where he enjoyed being most but because of his past career was starting to get into trouble and spending time in the bring more often and the commander was concerned for me Jason even made the councilor aboard the Edmonton consider committing suicide. He was becoming a handful to keep under control getting into fights and ignoring commands and the crew.

It lasted five years before REDACTED he was promoted to chief intelligence officer for a while before being promoted to lieutenant commander REDACTED
Service Record 2333-2333 General Studies Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2334-2335 Intelligence Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2335-2335 Intelligence Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2335-2336 Intelligence Cadet, Starfleet Academy
2336-2346 Classified
2346-2351 G-ENS, Intelligence Officer, Classified
2351-2356 G-ENS, Intelligence Officer, Classified
2356-2361 G-LTJG, Intelligence Officer, USS Alberta
2361-2366 G-LTJG. Intelligence Officer, Classified
2366-2371 G-LTJG, Intelligence Officer, Classified
2371-2376 G-LTJG, Classified
2376-2381 G-LT, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, Classified
2381-2386 G-LT, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, Classified
2386-2391 G-LT, Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer/Second Officer, USS Edmonton
2391-2393 G-LT, Chief Intelligence Officer, Classified
2393-2394 G-LTCMDR Chief Intelligence Officer, Classified