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Peyton Patterson

Name Peyton Nicholas Patterson

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 16

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 185
Hair Color Strawberry Blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Young tall and slender with an athletic build.


Spouse NA
Children NA
Father Commander Vance Patterson
Mother Captain Susan May Richardon-Patterson
Brother(s) NA
Sister(s) Ensign Emily Patterson
Other Family NA

Personality & Traits

General Overview Very happy personality, you can always find a smile on his face. He has no issues talking to ladies, but he seems to be only drawn to the the troubled ladies in the galaxy. He is a very caring person, despite his taste in women. He would do anything to help a friend. And he can not explain why he likes the troubled ladies.
Strengths & Weaknesses Caring + Compassionate + Understanding
Loyal + Dedicated + trustworthy

Drawn to negative attention, always wants to help others. Feels it's his responsibility to help others.
Not great at multitasking, loves to live in the moment.
Easily distracted by girls, despite being gifted.
Ambitions To witness a miracle
Hobbies & Interests - Dancing - Night Clubs - Holodecks - Photography
- Rafting - Kayaking - Canoeing - Camping
- Hiking - Backpacking - Swimming

Peyton is interested in 21st century earth, they knew how to live before the big war, known as world war III.

Personal History Peyton was born 2378. He is the younger sibling from Vance and Susan Patterson. He was a pretty good kid, but when his sister left in 2390, he felt alone and fell into a depression at the age of 12. He missed his sister, it had been four years since they last saw one another. To cope and thanks to puberty, he started to flirt with girls. He asked his parents in 2394, if he could be temporary assigned to the USS Ottawa, and Captain Domingo Martinez agreed, since he was an old friend of the Patterson family.

Peyton hitched a ride on a transport heading to Empok Nor where he met up with Samantha Jane O’Donnaghue Meran and Carly Wilda. He instantly started to flirt with both girls and sparked up a friendship. He was sad to hear that Carly was going to the USS Juno, he liked her more than he liked Sam. But he knew he had a better chance with Sam than Carly. Because they were going to both be on the same ship.

Peyton boards the USS Ottawa, and his sister is tasked with his care, and he briefed while aboard he will be expected to attend school and wear a cadet uniform. He was not very fond of the idea, but he complied.
Service Record NA