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Colonel Ellis Ijaan

Name Ellis Ijaan

Position Base CO

Second Position Sector Commander

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4
Weight 145
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Ellie is slender build, not very tall, physically fit.


Spouse Jazin Ijaan
Father Commodore Dwight Sheppard (Retired)
Mother Lt. Commander Wendy Sheppard
Brother(s) Colonel John Sheppard
Other Family Aunt Denise Sheppard

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly and very open. She isn't afraid of anything and jumps in everything head over heals! She is open for everything and sometimes she can control over the sphere and actually makes it. Some people say, she could be the ultimate morale officer.

Due to what happened to her in an alternate reality she has changed from the prescribed personality. Ellie Suffers from PTSD. She is very to herself. Tho alternate she remained her friendly self.
Strengths & Weaknesses Weaknesses:
Chocolate, romance, sphere, music.

She isn't afraid of anything, not shy, always on the look out for adventures.
Hobbies & Interests

Personal History Ellie is born in New York and brought up with Broadway history. Her father is a retired starfleet officer and served on many ships as tactical officer. He retired when Ellie was born. Her mother picked up her work as a starfleet nurse when Ellie was 2 years old. Ellie never saw much of her mother while she was growing up. Most of the time she was raised by her father and her aunt Denise, who lived with them.

Already from an early age she showed interest in music and in people. She never found it hard to make friends, and each school she went trough, she was popular from day 1. The only school that was different from all other schools was the Starfleet Academy. When she joined, her father already was reassigned to the academy as an instructor. Trying to follow in her father's and her mother's footsteps, she found that wasn't easy.

Finally she followed in her brother John's footsteps and joined the marines. She also had an interest in other languages. Ellie is fluent in Klingon and Vulcan, aside from a few other earth languages like German, Vietnamese and Dutch.
After the Academy her first assignment was marine translator, with the marine detachment at the Earth base. She was later assigned as language specialist on board the USS Lipton. She was later promoted to squad leader and to the rank of First Lieutenant.

She was later reassigned to the academy as marine instructor. She was later send on a diplomatic mission, with the USS Collaborator when she had her first combat experience at age of 27. She got a field promotion to Marine Captain. She was assigned on board to command the marines.

Not long after she was offered a first officer position on board the USS Ottawa under the command of the Captain James Culbertson. She was promoted to the field rank of Major. When the Captain fell ill of an unknown decease in the M90 galaxy, Ellie took command of the USS Ottawa and received a field promotion by Task Force command order to Lieutenant Colonel.
Service Record Star fleet academy: Marine training and minor language courses
USS Lipton: 2nd Lieutenant Lanuage specialist
First Lieutenant Squadleader
Star fleet Academy: Marine instructor
USS Collaborator: First Lieutenant Marine Diplomatic officer
Marine Captain Marine Commanding Officer
USS Ottawa NCC-59996: Major First Officer
Lieutenant Colonel Commanding officer

USS Ottawa NCC-59996-A: Lieutenant Colonel First Officer
Colonel Commanding officer